DevNet: Let the Journey Begin

Following more than a decade of cooperation with Arjeta and Fisnik, finally, we are launching a joint exiting project: DevNet. We have discussed the idea for six months now and gladly things have started to move in the right direction. We have developed and implemented so many initiatives and projects in the past, but never really worked full time under the same roof. I am exited to be able to share my experience and work with such inspiring individuals.

DevNet is a platform were we want to share & channel our contribution focusing in six areas:

a) Smart Sustainable Economy

b) Policy Development and Reform

c) Innovation and Technology

d)  Migration Governance

e) Employment & Education

f) Women and Youth 

We have a good network on professionals in the region and abroad and it is our strong aim to extend our team with credible persons. In addition, we would like to use our world wide network to create linkages and oppurtunities for Kosovo youth and women as well as use technology to match and network Kosovo and Western Bakans with the world talent.

DevNet is part of the Development Consulting which consists of the following organisations:

  • Development Group LLC
  • Development Network
  • EU Programmes Support Centre 
  • Skills Development Hub
  • Jobs, Grants and Tenders 
  • RKS News 

Ok, wish us best of luck. We are here to stay and hopefully add value to already very vibrant community. Yours, SH!

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