Environment: the Center of Our Lives

In recent years, we have been listening more and more about air quality, pollution, climate change, environmental injustice, water pollution etc. Air quality is an occurrence that doesn’t recognize borders and people.

Challanges to be addressed:

Air quality


Climate Change

Environmental injustice

Water pollution

It is a challenge and reality impacting all of us no matter if we are rich, poor and regardless of our social status, beliefs and values. If we want to leave a future for our kids we should act now and deal with these issues seriously. Let’s start local and basic.

Let’s educate our children and inspire them about the benefits of reuse, reduce and recycle. Let’s raise awareness and support our policy & decision makers  to do more about air pollution. 

The environmental topics will be our top priority @DevNet, so join our efforts and initiatives, as together we can do much more!

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