Environment: the Center of Our Lives

In recent years, we have been listening more and more about air quality, pollution, climate change, environmental injustice, water pollution etc. Air quality is an occurrence that doesn’t recognize borders and people.

Challanges to be addressed:

Air quality


Climate Change

Environmental injustice

Water pollution

It is a challenge and reality impacting all of us no matter if we are rich, poor and regardless of our social status, beliefs and values. If we want to leave a future for our kids we should act now and deal with these issues seriously. Let’s start local and basic.

Let’s educate our children and inspire them about the benefits of reuse, reduce and recycle. Let’s raise awareness and support our policy & decision makers  to do more about air pollution. 

The environmental topics will be our top priority @DevNet, so join our efforts and initiatives, as together we can do much more!

India overtaken UK and France as 5th Largest Economy in the World

IMF World Economic Outlook reports that India has become 5th largest economy in the world with a GDP of $2.94 trillion. UK’s GDP is $2.83 trillion and that of France is $2.71 trillion. India has enjoyed high rates of GDP growth in recent years reaching the climax at 8.2% in 2015. However, growth is forecasted to decline from 7.5% in 2019 into 5% in 2020.

India’s rapid economic growth of average 7.5% means that it has overtaken UK and France as world’s 5th largest Economy and is in the right track to overtake Germany by 2025 as 4th. Liberal economic and trade policies, vibrant technology and service sectors as well as growing demand in consumption has contributed to the growth.

World Population Review reports that India’s services is among the fastes growing sectors in the world amounting of 60% of its economy and 28% of employment. Industrial deregulation, liberal trade policies and privatisation of state enterprises has contributed in the economic growth. India is projected to overtake Germany around 2025 as the 4th World economy and potentially Japan as third by 2035, according to business intelligence reports.

India, nevertheless, despite good progress, faces several challanges. Due to its large popullation of 1.37 billion, India’s GDP per capita is 2,045 USD compare to EU’s average GDP per Capita of 35,623 USD. Moreover, it phases serious health, economic and human security issues with one of the highest air pollutions in the urban areas. Increasing access to sanitation and clean water as well as investments in rural areas also remain challanges according to World Bank.

World in nominal GDP 2019 – IMF:

United States GDP: 20.49 trillion

China GDP: 13.4 trillion

Japan: GDP: 4.97 trillion

Germany: GDP: 4.00 trillion

India GDP: 2.94 trillion

United Kingdom GDP: 2.83 trillion

France GDP: 2.71 trillion

Italy GDP: 2.07 trillion

Brazil GDP: 1.87 trillion

Canada GDP: 1.71 trillion

DevNet: Let the Journey Begin

Following more than a decade of cooperation with Arjeta and Fisnik, finally, we are launching a joint exiting project: DevNet. We have discussed the idea for six months now and gladly things have started to move in the right direction. We have developed and implemented so many initiatives and projects in the past, but never really worked full time under the same roof. I am exited to be able to share my experience and work with such inspiring individuals.

DevNet is a platform were we want to share & channel our contribution focusing in six areas:

a) Smart Sustainable Economy

b) Policy Development and Reform

c) Innovation and Technology

d)  Migration Governance

e) Employment & Education

f) Women and Youth 

We have a good network on professionals in the region and abroad and it is our strong aim to extend our team with credible persons. In addition, we would like to use our world wide network to create linkages and oppurtunities for Kosovo youth and women as well as use technology to match and network Kosovo and Western Bakans with the world talent.

DevNet is part of the Development Consulting which consists of the following organisations:

  • Development Group LLC
  • Development Network
  • EU Programmes Support Centre 
  • Skills Development Hub
  • Jobs, Grants and Tenders 
  • RKS News 

Ok, wish us best of luck. We are here to stay and hopefully add value to already very vibrant community. Yours, SH!